Mouth Watering 100 gm Zingysip Premium Green Tea With Tulsi And Kesar are available at pocket-friendly prices...

Gone is the time when people used to wait at cafes for sipping on their favorite coffee and tea. And, only a coffee and tea lover knows how slowly those times of tea steeping and coffee brewing pass by. With instant tea and instant coffee available in the market today, such wait times have become a thing of the past. For the people of this fast paced lifestyle, we, Zingy Food Junction Private Limited, bring forth an assortment of instant beverage products. It has already been a couple of years of our operation as a manufacturer in the market and our brand, Zingysip has already become a hit in the market. The line of instant beverage products that we sell under this brand include 100 gm Natural Flavor Cardamom Tea, 100 gm Zingysip Instant Pista Coffee, Zingysip Fruit Combo Tea (Mango, Orange, Banana, Lemon), 100 gm Zingysip Instant Caramel Coffee and more.

Quality That Is Worth Every Penny

Quality Tea

We source the finest quality tea leaves that are steeped without adding any fillers. Thus, making our 100 gm Instant Apple Tea mouthwatering good that does not contain any artificial additives. For making flavored instant tea, we use natural flavors.

Quality Coffee

Taste testing is the first parameter that determines the quality of a coffee. Another parameters over which we quality test our 100 gm Zingysip Instant Mocha Coffee include bitterness, acidity, aroma, sweetness and flavor. Since our quality controllers keep a close eye over every process, the quality of our instant beverage products always exceed the expectations of our clients.

Reasons To Thank Us Later...

Cited below are the reasons for which not only our clients but consumers thank us-
  • Variants- We provide people 65 plus variants of instant tea and coffee to suit the taste of each and every coffee lover and tea lover.
  • Tools- Our processing plant is equipped with up-to-the-minute processing tools for achieving the best results in the form of our 100 gm Delicious Flavor Vanilla Tea, 100 gm Zingysip Instant Mocha Coffee, etc.
  • Employees- Assisted by dexterous employees, we are catering our clients demands on-time without compromising on the quality.
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